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Lena, Kuala Lumpur

This is Lena who I met up in Petaling Jaya the other weekend. She was at the markets thrifting through a rack of clothes when I kindly interrupted her, took her out to a back street and took some quick shots. I absolutely love her style, it's so complete and so effortlessly chic, and the photo has such a peaceful mood about it that I can just sit and stare at this picture time and time again. I hope to take many more photographs like this one. Can't wait to see what Seoul will be like in 9 days time!

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Outfit | Homemade

My outfit and what I wore to the preview of James' exhibition on Thursday night. I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear so I quickly made this top on the day and after debating whether to actually wear it or not at the last minute, I decided to go with it and pair it with my grey pants. I was really surprised at how many people liked my top and some even asked where I bought it from! I think they were quite shocked when I told them that I made it and it cost me probably about $3 in fabric to make. It's a really simple top and I guess what you can't get from the photo is the quality of the fabric. I'm wearing self-made top and pants, shoes from Tokyo, Uniqlo belt, and necklace from Mod-Parade (a boutique in Haji Lane).