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"14 Trendsetting Street Style Snaps From Tokyo" ,

I'm happy to share my latest slideshow for, this time featuring photos from Tokyo shot over the last week or so. It's so exciting to see my work on the front page of such a major and popular fashion website like I love this shot of Maki, her look is so refreshing, it's so summer, simple and easy, and I'm loving the polka dots and stripes combo. Click here to view the full shot along with the rest of the photos and commentary on

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ayami, Tokyo

"From an ordinary day to a special day. Change your day by cutting your hair..." - Dot +LIM

I've found that a good percentage of people I've been photographing lately have been either hair stylists, hair dressers or salon assistants. Ayami is a hair stylist at Dot +LIM, a salon with branches in Tokyo and Singapore. Hair is such an important part of a person's style and it's one of the things I always notice first when considering whether or not to take someone's photos. For me it's the hair (followed closely by shoes) that can really make or break a look. 

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Aikawa, Tokyo

I can't even remember the last time I posted a guy photograph on here, but I'm back in Tokyo now and it's exciting to be getting some inspiration from the guys on the street. I'm always amazed at how interesting the guys' style is here, and it seems that Tokyo is the only place in Asia where they pay so much attention to detail and quite often out dress their female counterparts. I love the little things like the way they wear their hair, the way they roll up their sleeves and cuffs so precisely, the accessories they play around with to create such an interesting and unique look, and just how cool they are with having their photo taken. Lots more Japanese guys to come!

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Sohee, Seoul

"Coral is one of those colors that puts a smile on everyone's face. It's the hue of tropical fruits and summery jewelry; it recalls the smell of citrus and the sparkling beach days that come with warm weather." - Huffington Post 

I think coral has got to be one of my favorite summertime colors and Sohee has matched it so perfectly with the black, white and neutral tones of her outfit. I love how the beautiful coral orange pumps up a very natural look where the hair, makeup and accessories are all kept to a minimum. A quick, simple and perfect look for hot summer days!

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Monica & Jessica, Seoul

I was following Monica and Jessica down the back streets of Garosugil looking for a background, and got this quick shot of them walking as I loved the way the clothes moved. I think it captures nicely the lightness of the fabrics blowing in the wind... something that you won't always get when you take a still shot down a sheltered alley.

The photo of Monica was also featured in this week's Readers' Street Style section of the New York Times where the theme was "high-low skirts". You can check out the slideshow here. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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StyleSophomore X

Thanks Alice and Francesca for the recent feature on! Click here for the full interview and photo slideshow.

Jangdayeon, Seoul

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