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Manvil, Taipei

Outfit | Last Day In Taipei (for now)

Today's outfit. Wearing top from Seoul, GAP jeans, Uniqlo leather belt, leather boots and bag from Taipei. Was on the train this morning going into the city and it suddenly occurred to me that we had just spent a whole month in Taipei and it's funny sometimes when I think about how it all just happened considering that 5 months ago I didn't even know where this place was on the world map and never thought it would be a place to go and visit let alone live. But we love it and we are back in January next year for 3 months! Oh and it also occurred to me that we will be spending our anniversary night at the airport. Happy one year to us! And our present from ourselves to us... Tokyo in 3 weeks!

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Outfit | Inbetween Rain

It's been raining a lot here in Taipei the last week and I think that's quite unusual for this time of year (well that's what the locals say at least but I'm not quite sure how they can recall what the weather was doing this same time last year!) Took these shots while sitting out between the showers and after the rain had already messed up my hair and made it all frizzy. Oh well, and excuse the cheesyness of this one. And see my crazy bent right arm? I really don't do very good sitting shots. Anyways, wearing Uniqlo sweater and polka dot socks, skirt from Seoul, self-made scarf, leather boots and bag from Taipei. 

QQ, Taipei

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Friday, 18 November 2011

Outfit | Wine

I've had a real thing for knitted dresses ever since I took this shot back in Seoul. I think if I can get myself some chunky enough yarn I might have to make myself one. Taipei is perfect for wearing knitwear almost all year round and I love this one I picked up from Uniqlo the other day. The colour is totally my type of red and I actually felt taller wearing this out, must have been the above the knee length and the extra inch my boots give me. Dress from Uniqlo, Comme Ca Ism scarf, leather boots and bag from Taipei. Oh and the last shot, a bit random but I always like looking back at the quick test shots that James takes while adjusting the camera settings and this is one of the very few where I'm not pulling any outrageously hideous face!

Youngmin Lee, Seoul

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