Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Week On Instagram @StyleSophomore...

Some snapshots from our weekend in Osaka. Such a cool little city and I can't wait to go back there!...

1) View from JR Osaka station where the overnight bus dropped us off, 2) Taking photos of things while waiting for shops to open and people to come out!, 3) Walking around the quiet streets of Chayamachi Kita-ku, 4) Loft store in Chayamachi (we filled in a lot of time here trying out the demo massage chairs at Loft).

1) Dotonbori canal in Namba, 2) People queuing for Takoyaki in Namba, 3) Busy streets and busy malls, 4) Back streets of Amerikamura.

1) At the hotel room in Kita, 2) Us ready to go out and walk from Kita-Umeda to Namba-Minami (because we decided that the 1000 yen in train fares would be better spent on more food and treats!), 3) My dinner at BLA Diner in Kita - Steak, onions, chips and onion sauce, 4) James' cheeseburger and chips.

1) Shop signs in Namba, 2) Street art in Namba, 3) More street art in Namba!, 4) Bums on bags.

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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Yuka, Osaka

"Fashion is more than a statement in Japan, it is a conscious decision. In Japan, everyone is aware of fashion. It's a pretty central part of their lives. They know what it communicates to people around them." - Paul Hellier

It was so cool to spend a couple of days in Osaka, just wandering around exploring a new and different city, and seeing whether the style and people were any different to in Tokyo. One thing that really stood out was that over the weekend, we didn't see anyone else who appeared to be out taking street style photos, yet the people were still so open to having their photo taken and the general style on the streets was just as good as what you'd find in Tokyo. Just people dressing for themselves, and not for anyone else or the camera. I'm jealous that the Japanese can pull off such great style without even thinking about it!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Week On Instagram @StyleSophomore...

We're in Osaka at the moment for a quick weekend trip, so if you want instant updates on Instagram, you can follow me @StyleSophomore. Here are some pics from the week just gone... 

1) Evening sun, clouds, buildings and a bird; 2) Poached eggs on toast (our breakfast staple), 3) Tiny car in tiny garage, 4) Me at the lights on the walk home.

Evening sun and looking over the entrance of Yoyogi Park from the footbridge in Harajuku.

1) James and I trying on clothes at GAP; 2) I went a little crazy at GAP (making the most of finding clothes that fit me in Japan), 3) At Tsutaya bookstore looking at Fashion photography books, 4) Getting rid of some of our clothes at Kinji used clothing store.

1) James about to take this guy's photo in Harajuku, 2) A street poster in Cat Street, 3) Old and new StyleSophomore stickers on a drink machine in Harajuku, 4) So many drink machines in Tokyo!

Friday, 21 September 2012

Tokyo Fashion Special, Tokyo

I don't normally post details about what people are wearing but I always note them down in case fashion magazines ask for them. And one thing I've noticed over the course of our Tokyo trip, is that I've found myself shooting more and more people wearing fashion. So, here are a few I've put together in this Tokyo Fashion Special.

Also, we're off to Osaka tonight! Taking the overnight bus down there for a quick weekend trip. It'll be my first time in Osaka and I'm just really excited about exploring another city in and it's people. Planning on taking lots of photos (of both street style and everything else), so if you want instant daily updates of what we get up to, you can follow me on any of the following:
Only 1 more week left in Japan :( before we hit up Seoul again. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Minami, Tokyo

"My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story." - Johnny Depp

So much tattoo inspiration right here in these photos of Minami that I took today! This reminds me that I need to get more tattoos - small ones, slightly hidden ones, and now I quite like the idea of tiny ones on my fingers. It's probably a good thing that we no longer live just a 5 minute walk away from our tattoo artist. It now means at least a couple of flights to get there. Maybe I need to find an artist in Tokyo/Taipei. Any recommendations?!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Week On Instagram @StyleSophomore...

1) Afternoon sun in Shibuya, 2) Down the back streets of Aoyama wearing As Know As Pinky denim shirt dress, 3) James waiting outside Shibuya station and about to sell our bikes (it was a very sad day), 4) Intersection at the top of Omotesando Hills.

1) Dinner with James and Mikiya at an Izakaya in Shibuya, 2) Edamame, 3) Green tea flavored Tiramisu (so delicious!), 4) Mixed skewers (chicken, pork, liver, green onions & something else).

1) A bit of DIY at home (replacing the torn Shoji screens), 2) Cute little cactus/plants in Shibuya, 3) Street stickers in Harajuku, 4) Drummers at the Aomori Nebuta festival in Nakanobu.

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Fashion's Night Out, Tokyo

We went to check out FNO Tokyo last night and it was sooo much fun going around all the shops, trying on clothes, buying clothes (just because it seemed like a good excuse to), having a few too many drinks, and ending the night with me riding my bike into a bush on the way home (we won't be posting the photographic evidence but my new nickname is now "Bush Baby"). Ok, so here are some shots I took for instagram of FNO Tokyo 2012. Captions below. Hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday!

From top to bottom (left-right) - 1) Shopping at ZARA, I have a new blazer for Fall!, 2) Rose Champagne and polaroid picture at Star Jewelry, 3) Love in a hard rock candy from the candy stand at Star Jewelry, 4) Me trying on a really nice (and really expensive) coat at Emporio Armani, 5) Me and my buddy at the Volcom store, 6) DJ at Emporio Armani, 7) DJ and FNO shoppers at ZARA, 8) Me trying on ear muffs at Beams.

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The Week On Instagram @StyleSophomore...

From top to bottom (left-right) - 1) Afternoon sun and clouds, 2) cool kids in their matching hats and school packs in Harajuku, 3) me about to head out for the afternoon, 4) a really delicious coffee and cream jelly dessert, 5) home-cooked cold ramen with dipping sauce, 6) a guy with his monkey that I had to get a shot of when I saw him at the lights near Yoyogi Park, 7) Harajuku crossroads, 8) my new StyleSophomore stickers that I'm about to go and stick all around Harajuku and other places!

I'm going to make this a weekly thing and every Sunday I'll be posting up some of my favorite Instagram shots for the week. If you want to see lots more photos of everything I see, do and eat, follow me on Instagram @stylesophomore for daily updates :)

Have a great Sunday!