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Outfit | Khaki Grey

Wore this into town yesterday afternoon to go watch the RWC grand final. I'm wearing Cotton On men's tee and self-made pants. We literally took this shot, went to the pub, watched the game and came home straight after. And that was our Sunday! Have found the last few months in Singapore very un-stimulating to say the least and it's a really good thing that we are leaving for Taipei next week. It feels like this place has sucked the life out of us and I feel like I could do with a great big burst of energy to kick start my life again. Hopefully Taipei will be just the thing to do that! Can I just crawl into bed and sleep until Wednesday comes?

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Outfit | Just Another Sunday

Today's outfit. I'm wearing a GAP shirt, cut-off denim shorts from Harajuku, Uniqlo belt, Converse shoes and bag from Taipei. We're pretty much winding up things in Singapore and getting ready for Taipei in 8 days. Man I'm like a little kid counting down to Christmas but I don't care, I can't wait any longer! This weekend we pretty much planned our days around the Rugby World Cup semi final matches, but also headed out to get some street style photos too. And I take back what I said about rugby union matches being boring compared to rugby league - I should have included the exception of when the All Blacks play the Wallabies. It was a pretty exciting game and even better that we came out on top and completely shat all over the Aussies. It really made my weekend!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sonyejin, Seoul

If I had to pick my favourite street style photo from Seoul, then this would be it! Not only do I love her minimalistic style and her hair, but my favourite shots are always the ones where the person is as equally as cool as their style. There is a lot more to style than clothes and it's the person as much as their style that i remember when looking back at my photos whether it's one week or one month down the track. In Seoul, there were very few English words exchanged when photographing on the street, usually I would just get a smile and a nod which was cool but then you'd get the occasional person who somehow stands out from the rest.

This is Sonyejin who I met on our last day in Seoul. She was with her friend shopping in Hongdae when I saw her across the street waiting at the traffic lights. When I asked her for her photo using the Korean translation on my iPad and all my hand gestures that went with it, Sonyejin was really sweet and without any hesitation or even turning to her friend she just said "sure!" and gestured to her friend as if to say "let's go!" I really liked that, instead of the usual "turn to my friends to save me" response, I remember Sonyejin as being a very confident person who is comfortable with her style and was just totally cool with having her photo taken.

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Outfit | Black & All Blacks!

I've always loved the whole dresses with converse look, it's such an easy and comfortable style. Wore this out yesterday while we went into town to do a bit of shopping and watch the quarter final matches of the Rugby World Cup. We caught the last of the first game between South Africa and Australia which I was both happy and gutted with the result - I don't like to see Australia win when it comes to any sport, but on the other hand, the rivalry that comes with a NZ vs Australia match-up is always exciting. Then we watched the All Blacks game which I found hard to get into. It seemed like the All Blacks put in a pretty average performance against Argentina but were always still going to win it. We left at about 75 minutes and I still don't think that I've watched a full game of rugby union yet. In saying that though, the game has seemed to change and is not the tedious kicking game that I remember it to be, so who knows? I think it's going to take quite a bit to convert me from a league to a rugby fan. For me, rugby just doesn't have the same pulsating intensity, stress, frustration and excitement that I like in the game of league when the Warriors take the field. Ok enough sports talk, here's what I wore. Self-made jersey dress, Comme Ca Ism scarf from Tokyo, leather bag from Taipei and Converse shoes. 

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Jang Jun Won, Seoul

Outfit | Blue Stripes

Made this top yesterday afternoon and wore this out to the Harajuku Street Style launch party at Tangs last night. I don't know why I always do this, but I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to making clothes. I have material sitting around the house for months and then it's only when I get to the point where I have nothing to wear, that I whip up a quick top and wear it out once it's done! I guess I just work best when under some sort of pressure! I'm wearing self-made top, skirt from Seoul, shoes from Tokyo, bag from Taipei and cuff from 5:10 Concept Store.

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Eunji Park, Seoul

Outfit | Saturday Strollin'

Did some walking shots yesterday for something different. Well we didn't plan to, James just grabbed my camera, jumped ahead and started snapping away as I walked towards him. These were taken as we walked down Pearl's Hill (and back up a little as the light was behind me!) just outside our apartment block. I really like how they turned out and they ended up far better than the still shots we took which was surprising considering how hard it is to walk and shoot and focus at the same time. I guess the trick is to just take hundreds of shots and hope that you can get a few good ones out of that, which is just what we did! 

Yesterday, we headed down to The Pigeonhole Cafe in Duxton for coffee while we sat and did some drawing/illustration, then we spent some time in Haji Lane before it was time for James' appointment at Vagabond Ink. I'm wearing my favourite printed tank that I bought from the markets up in Petaling Jaya, skirt from Seoul, bag from Taipei and Converse shoes.

Off now to watch my favourite team ever, the New Zealand Warriors, kick some Manly ass in the NRL grand final. The game kicks off in about 1 hour and I'm super super excited. This is what I've been waiting the last 10 years for! 

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