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Annie, Taipei

"...if I were a bird, I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns." - George Eliot

Even though it's technically winter here in Taipei, it's pretty mild and not the chill-to-the-bone winter that other places further north are experiencing right now. It's more like a never-ending transition from fall to winter to spring and before we know it, it will be summer again! And I guess that's what I get from this shot - the feeling of being in that transition stage. The colors of autumn, the light denim shorts, the loose chunky knitwear and it's all just a little refreshing. Wouldn't it be great to live in this sort of transitional weather all year round?

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Outfit | Cool Days

In the midst of revamping/rebuilding my wardrobe to suit the cooler climate in Taipei, which I must say I'm really loving at the moment! Got these shots out of about a million others while out in Zhongxiao Dunhua the other day. I'm not lying when I say it's hard work (for both me and James behind the camera) trying to get a good shot of me! When we have to firstly find a location and background that works where the light is right, and then get me to move and stand in a way that looks somewhat natural, while working with other things like the wind and my hair and my not so natural facial expressions, it becomes quite a complex process by the end of it! 

I mean, people laugh at models but it's actually more than just a job they have, it's a real skill to be able to move and hold your body and I admire them for being able to pull that off so effortlessly. And that's what I like to capture on the streets - not particularly models, but people with great style who are confident and know how to work their style in a natural way.

Wearing Uniqlo shirt, ZARA cardigan, ZARA jeans, Comme Ca Ism scarf, Eastman leather boots. 

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Kei, Tokyo

"People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs" - Author unknown

Found this quote slightly humorous after trawling through like a gazillion other quotes about animal rights and the ethics surrounding the use of fur in fashion. It's such a widely debated topic that I'm not going to go into as I'm sure it's raised every fall/winter, but whatever your views, there's no escaping fur this season. Personally I don't have a problem with people wearing it or seeing it on all the fashion websites and magazines (maybe having grown up in New Zealand where things like rabbits and possums are number one pests just waiting to be shot has something to do with that). I think the reality is that whether it's real or fake, whether you're for it or against, for as long as people buy and wear fur, it will continue to be a winter fashion statement.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Litta, Taipei

"Everyone smiles in the same language" - Author unknown.

No matter where we travel, whether we can speak the language or not, there will always be signs and expressions that we recognize and pick up on, that form our first impressions of the people we meet. And sometimes it's even before a single word is exchanged. We arrived in Taipei at the weekend and it really is nice to be back in this vibrant and colorful city where the people are all smiles and so friendly. It makes me happy to meet people on the street who not only look great, but who are just really cool and interested in what I'm doing, and have the time of day just to stop and chat for a bit. It's nice to walk away with a smile after experiencing that.

Also, big thanks to Liyana and the team at ActuallyMAG for featuring StyleSophomore as part of their "Behind The Lens" street-photographer series. You can check out the feature and interview here.

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Hideto, Tokyo

"Fashion is a social agreement. It is the result of a consensus of a large group of people." - Stella Blum

Every time we hit up Tokyo, I feel my eye for style changes just like that, the last photograph sets the standard for the next, and it becomes quite exhausting at times having to consider every other person as a potential photograph. And quite quickly the seasonable trends become obvious and all I want to photograph is what everyone is wearing right this very moment in Tokyo, the things that are in fashion, the fur, the coats etc. It's easy to get caught up in all of this and of course I like to capture fashion and trends cos that's what people like to see, but there's also something so endearing about photographing just normal everyday people going about their own business, dressing for themselves and nobody else. And these are the ones that really grow on me. I like the photos that I can, and everybody can relate to. It's just a guy on the street. 

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Shino, Tokyo

In Tokyo it's impossible to miss the way people seem so comfortable doing quirky little things with their style - I don't think that's much of a revelation for anybody, it is Tokyo after all. And even when I'm there, I feel like I could do quirky little things because everyone's doing it and people accept that. It's like it's embedded in the culture, almost like you need to do it because if you're on the street dressed like a total plain Jane then you're the one who will stand out. 

I love the one-dangle-earring accessory that I saw a lot of girls wearing in Tokyo. It's cute - it's kawaii - and it's fun! I don't care if it's a little dinosaur (like the one Shino is wearing) or something else, it work's because they make it work and they carry it off without looking like a little kid. And this seems to be exactly what the Japanese street style culture is built upon - it's fun, it's doing style however you want to, and having other people accept you on that level. And you don't even have to be a wacky person to do it. If you just want to have a bit of fun, anyone can do it!

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Emi, Tokyo

This is Emi who I was photographing when James took the shot of me that I've got in my sidebar. It was her hair that got me at first. I'm not sure whether it's cut to form a sort of heart shape around her face or not but I love how it's the perfect cut for her face. I always admire (and am slightly jealous of) people who look good with short hair. Me, I had shortish hair not that long ago but it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing which turned out to be a bad idea. For someone who has a massive kink at the front, along with thick coarse hair that grows outwards from the scalp instead of downwards (think afro when I let it out), it never really sat right. Let's just say I won't be going there again! I guess you have to give everything a go once though, right? 

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Hat & Triangle Scarf, Tokyo

Japanese guys have it down when it comes to playing around and being creative with their accessories and sometimes it's just the little things like the tilt of a hat or how a scarf is fixed. Saw this hat and scarf combination a lot amongst the guys especially in Tokyo, they make it look so effortless!

Also, wishing everyone the best for the new year. May you all have an exciting, happy and fun-filled year ahead!