Monday, 22 April 2013

Outfit: Springtime! In Tokyo

Anine Bing sweatshirt & jeans | ZARA denim jacket | 3.1 Phillip Lim bag | Alexander Wang boots | Michael Kors watch | Giorgio Armani sunglasses | Gorjana & Griffin cuff & rings | Juicy Couture leather wrap bracelet | Drake & Barnett beaded bracelets

I'm so happy to be back in Tokyo and it's actually the first time being here in the Spring. After a stinking hot summer here last year and then another trip back in the freezing cold winter, I'm pretty sure we've finally hit up tokyo at the best time of year. Mind you it's gonna be a rather quick transition into Summer as the heat and humidity is already in the air. Spent this afternoon hanging around Harajuku and Aoyama and shot these photos in between sitting out and people watching. It was pretty windy so hair was kinda everywhere and now I'm thinking I shouldn't leave the house with my hair in anything but tied up in the usual bun. 

Wearing some of my favorite new pieces from Anine Bing and Gorjana & Griffin, my trusty Alexander Wang boots and my Phillip Lim satchel that I'm loving just because it's so sturdy that it carries my DSLR without even slightly losing it's shape. Bonus when purchasing bags!

Lee Ga Hyeun, Seoul

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Bright Whites At Seoul Fashion Week

Looking at these pictures from Seoul Fashion Week, it's hard to remember that it was still winter with single figure temperatures and biting cold winds. One of the dominant colors to appear outside the shows this time around was indeed white and it's something I'm slowly getting used to. Usually associated with spring and summer, it's the new all year round trend and is here to stay! 
Kim Ga On

Jang Seo Jeong 

Kim Soohyun 

Jang Jae Hyup & Ko Jee Hyun

Lee An Na, Seoul

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Kun Hee Lee, Seoul

New In: gorjana & griffin

"When you come to the edge of all the light you know, and you are about to step off into the darkness of unknown, faith is knowing you will learn how to fly" - gorjana & griffin

These little beauties arrived at my doorstep today, super fast from gorjana & griffin. I love their simple and understated jewelry like this cross over cuff bracelet and Finley square ring set, they're so perfect for complimenting casual and everyday outfits. I can't wait to wear these everyday!

Based in California, gorjana & griffin is a fashion label that is focussed on creating simple, stylish and highly wearable jewelry, shoes, bags and accessories. With the husband and wife designers bringing together their East and West coast lifestyles and a mix of function and style, their brand is defined by it's consistency in quality and aesthetic. To find out more about the gorjana & griffin, their story behind their label, and their amazing products, head over to gorjana & griffin.

Kim Yooju, Seoul

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Keigo, Seoul

This is Keigo from Tokyo, Japan at Seoul Fashion week wearing a Daniel Palillo top and ACV pants. 

And below, me all wrapped up in my bright red muffler and talking with Keigo after taking his photograph. I basically wore this coat everyday throughout Seoul Fashion Week just because it was the warmest thing I had with me to help survive the freezing cold winds while running around outside getting photographs. 

Me wearing: DKNY coat | Anine Bing skinny jeans | Alexander Wang boots | 
Croche muffler | Rebecca Minkoff bag

Park Sinae, Seoul

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tied Trench Coats At Seoul Fashion Week

I'm not sure how long this trend has been around but I saw lots of it at Seoul Fashion week - trench coats (quite often over-sized) and worn open but also tied and secured at the waist. It's such a great way to layer up in the freezing cold winters without losing everything that's worn underneath. 

 Kim Yoon A


Kim Da Eun

Ha Eun Kim

Lee Ji Eun, Seoul

Monday, 15 April 2013

Style Sophomore On Instagram... Seoul

A look back at some of my favorite instagram photos from our last 2 and a bit weeks in Seoul. Have a happy Monday everyone!

Green tea & red bean affogato - the best combination ever!

My first Korean novel that I'm giving myself 5 months to get through.

Fresh fruit and granola cereal from the buffet breakfast at Conrad Hotel during Seoul Fashion Week.

The La Mode Outre x Tomboy trench coat collaboration is exhibited in many of their 39 stores throughout Korea. So weird but cool to see myself and our friends from Taipei in shops in Korea!

 Up in the business lounge during Seoul Fashion Week enjoying a grapefruit mojito at the end of the day.

During fashion week doing a quick edit of photos on the shuttle bus ride between the IFC and Blue Square venues.

The view of the Han River from the 54th floor of IFC at Seoul Fashion Week.

This fashion week, we decided to take up front row seats instead of having to fight for a space in the photographer's pit.

James photographing outside Seoul Fashion Week shows.

These awesome Anine Bing pieces were waiting for me when I arrived in Seoul. Check out one of my new favourite brands at :)

 I love cooking, especially in Korea - this is fried pork belly with rice, perilla leaves and a whole lot of Sunchang Ssamjung sauce.

 Went on a sticker sticking mission since I got a box of 500 of them printed while we were in Taipei. I still have so many to stick in Tokyo!

I decided that for the Cres. E Dim. shoot in the park, I wanted deep red lips so I went out and bought this beautiful "diva" shade lipstick from MAC. First time EVER wearing lipstick like this (or actually any lipstick at all!).

We are pretty familiar with the Seoul subway now and don't we fit right in with the locals? haha.

Korean BBQ! Love this stuff so much!

 On the road again! All our worldly possession combined into about 70kg!

Tired eyes on our way to Tokyo... But after about 12 hours traveling (for only a 2.5hr flight!) we are finally settle into our place in Tokyo! Going to spend the spring here and will share lots more photos so watch this space :)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Style Sophomore x James Bent x CRES. E DIM. FW 2013

Before we even arrived in Seoul we saw the press release for CRES. E DIM.'s FW13 collection, and decided that we wanted to get our hands on a few pieces and do a mini shoot of some sort. So a few days after Cres. E Dim. showed at Seoul Fashion Week, we met up with Kim Hongbum (the designer) and his team, tried on a few pieces, and put together 3 looks. 

I'm right into prints at the moment, so naturally gravitated towards these beautiful printed sweatshirts with images of ice and crystals, inspired by Japanese artist and designer Tokujin Yoshioka. The thing I particularly love about the pieces and accessories we chose (and in fact the whole of Hongbum's collection) is the play on textures and fabrics. He uses a mix of materials in his designs to create wonderfully textured pieces that have an interesting look and feel. For example, wool skirts with lamb and eel leather details, polyester sweatshirts with lamb leather and polyurethane details, wool and lamb leather jackets, cow leather and polyurethane clutches, and acrylic necklaces.

So at about 10:30pm at night and in about 4 degree celcius temperatures, we ventured up a massive hill to a park behind our place in Nakseongdae. I quickly found out just how hard it is to stand still in the shivering cold (wearing heels that I don't usually wear) and trying to take photographs and all at the same time! I don't know how I managed to shake it off and despite losing all feeling in fingers and toes by the end of it, we were pretty happy with the shots we came away with. 

Here are the three looks we put together featuring all CRES. E DIM. clothing and accessories and my beloved 3.1 Phillip Lim boots...

Photography by James Bent