Thursday, 29 September 2011

Farah, Singapore

I shot Farah for StyleSophomore just the other day and I love her style a lot! So many colours going on and it all works so well together. Farah was with a whole bunch of friends waiting at the traffic lights when I first saw her, so I followed them across the road and down the street until I found a background that worked in with the colours of her outfit. I'm always a little hesitant when approaching a large group of friends when I only want one of their photos. Not only do I feel weird just singling one person out amongst the rest, but from previous experiences, I learnt that friends usually always have some sort of influence on whether or not I get the shot. Quite often, the person I ask, turns to their friends as if to say "save me!" or the friends usually keep walking and are very uninterested and that kind of draws the person away with them. In saying that though, it's not really a problem and I was fine with approaching Farah and her friends and getting the shot. She was really cool with having her photo taken and I think her friends were equally as excited about the whole thing!