Sunday, 2 October 2011

Outfit | Saturday Strollin'

Did some walking shots yesterday for something different. Well we didn't plan to, James just grabbed my camera, jumped ahead and started snapping away as I walked towards him. These were taken as we walked down Pearl's Hill (and back up a little as the light was behind me!) just outside our apartment block. I really like how they turned out and they ended up far better than the still shots we took which was surprising considering how hard it is to walk and shoot and focus at the same time. I guess the trick is to just take hundreds of shots and hope that you can get a few good ones out of that, which is just what we did! 

Yesterday, we headed down to The Pigeonhole Cafe in Duxton for coffee while we sat and did some drawing/illustration, then we spent some time in Haji Lane before it was time for James' appointment at Vagabond Ink. I'm wearing my favourite printed tank that I bought from the markets up in Petaling Jaya, skirt from Seoul, bag from Taipei and Converse shoes.

Off now to watch my favourite team ever, the New Zealand Warriors, kick some Manly ass in the NRL grand final. The game kicks off in about 1 hour and I'm super super excited. This is what I've been waiting the last 10 years for!