Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ishan, Taipei

I love the play on proportions here and it's not everyday that I see quilted down jackets worked in so well with the rest of the outfit. It's looks so simple yet it seems like the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. And also I've been noticing lately, the influence that our surroundings and the environment appear to have on our style, like the colors we choose to wear, the structure of clothes, color combinations etc. Or maybe it's just pure coincidence that in this picture the color of the jacket matches, almost precisely, the color of the terra-cotta pot and brick wall in the background. And that the grey boots almost blend into parts of the pavement?

On another note, I have some exciting news! James and I have just started working on a photo book which is planned to come out later this year. It'll be like a "behind-the-scenes" (captured in photographs) of our two sites StyleSophomore and La Mode OutrĂ© and will give a bit of an insight into everything that goes on behind the photographs that you see on the blog. Will keep you posted on how it all goes and as we get further into the process and making of it!