Saturday, 4 February 2012

Layered Up, Tokyo

After being restricted to wearing single layers for the last two years, I'm loving all the layering inspiration that I'm getting from the streets at the moment. And as much as I'd like to just stay at home wrapped up in a cozy blanket on drizzly days like today, I'm also excited about being able to wear clothes (and lots of it!). Whether it's layering in fall or layering in winter, it's all about experimenting and being creative. Time for me to start playing with different textures, fabrics, colors, proportions, shapes and sizes, and doing this without looking like a lumpy potato sack. Easier said than done I'm sure!

Also, big thanks to Lisa of Look At Me for the interview and feature on StyleSophomore.  Look At Me is a cool magazine with all the latest news about fashion, music and art and it's great to be part of it and for StyleSophomore to get a mention all the way over in Russia! You can check out the feature and lookbook with photos they selected here!