Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mr Kim & Angel, Seoul

I was on Facebook today and I suddenly thought to myself that my old school friends and work colleagues back in the West must think it's totally weird what I'm doing, like traveling around, living in Asia, meeting complete strangers every day, taking photographs of them (and their cute little pups!) etc. And I think to a lot of them, they wouldn't actually get what I'm doing or why I'm doing this, which is fair enough. I mean, not only is the whole concept of street style photography still quite a new thing in New Zealand, but this isn't exactly what I went to University to get a degree for, and nor is it a means to make a living from alone. But it's a job for me and I'm doing ok, it's keeping me busy, I'm always learning new things, and most importantly I'm having a whole lot of fun doing this! And you know, while everyone seems to be buying houses, having kids, settling down (whatever "settling down" actually means, it sounds incredibly boring to me!)... I'm just enjoying doing this, and enjoying the freedom that goes with it. 

And I'll always remember a quote that I heard many years ago from when I was in my sales job and it went something like this "You were put on this planet, so why not explore it?" So now is the time to get out and explore. It's now or never!