Friday, 29 June 2012

Da Hee Yoo, Seoul

With street style photography, a lot of the time it's just stop people on the street, ask for their photo, take the photo, get their name and the whole thing is over in about one or two minutes. Then we both go our separate ways with the likelihood that I will never cross paths with that person again. And with Seoul being such a huge and populated city, I have very rarely seen the same person twice in the time that I've been here.

I was photographing another girl in Garosugil when I saw Da Hee walk past out the corner of my eye. After I had finished, I was looking at my iPhone when she came up to me and said that I had photographed her in Hongdae. I recognized the face straight away (couldn't recall the name of course!) and I remembered the beautiful striking blue pants that she was wearing when I took her photo about a month ago. Da Hee is a make up artist and it was really nice to bump into her again and get her photo a second time. I love her style and it's what I want to see more of in Seoul - striking colors, simple but elegant dressing, and she's just the friendly type of person who I enjoyed chatting with and getting to know. So we stood on the side of the road and talked for a bit and then we both went our separate ways. Who knows if we'll cross paths again?