Thursday, 21 June 2012

Regina, Taipei

"She was the most beautiful creature on Earth - her hair said so in that language that only hair can speak." - Gabriel Bá

I really envy people who have such beautiful, thick, long hair like Regina has here.  I mean my hair is thick (in fact way too thick) and it's getting long, but it also has this annoying wave through it which means that my hair is neither curly nor straight and makes doing anything to it incredibly difficult. I remember a hairdresser telling me once that my hair grows outwards from the scalp rather than downwards, so just think afro in it's natural state and you'll get the idea. I'm sure those with the same type of hair will agree that it is the worst type of hair to have ever! For me, this picture is all about the hair. The way it sweeps across her forehead, the way it falls so evenly over her shoulders, and just the way it brings the whole outfit together.