Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fashion's Night Out, Tokyo

We went to check out FNO Tokyo last night and it was sooo much fun going around all the shops, trying on clothes, buying clothes (just because it seemed like a good excuse to), having a few too many drinks, and ending the night with me riding my bike into a bush on the way home (we won't be posting the photographic evidence but my new nickname is now "Bush Baby"). Ok, so here are some shots I took for instagram of FNO Tokyo 2012. Captions below. Hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday!

From top to bottom (left-right) - 1) Shopping at ZARA, I have a new blazer for Fall!, 2) Rose Champagne and polaroid picture at Star Jewelry, 3) Love in a hard rock candy from the candy stand at Star Jewelry, 4) Me trying on a really nice (and really expensive) coat at Emporio Armani, 5) Me and my buddy at the Volcom store, 6) DJ at Emporio Armani, 7) DJ and FNO shoppers at ZARA, 8) Me trying on ear muffs at Beams.

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