Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Week On Instagram @StyleSophomore...

From top to bottom (left-right) - 1) Afternoon sun and clouds, 2) cool kids in their matching hats and school packs in Harajuku, 3) me about to head out for the afternoon, 4) a really delicious coffee and cream jelly dessert, 5) home-cooked cold ramen with dipping sauce, 6) a guy with his monkey that I had to get a shot of when I saw him at the lights near Yoyogi Park, 7) Harajuku crossroads, 8) my new StyleSophomore stickers that I'm about to go and stick all around Harajuku and other places!

I'm going to make this a weekly thing and every Sunday I'll be posting up some of my favorite Instagram shots for the week. If you want to see lots more photos of everything I see, do and eat, follow me on Instagram @stylesophomore for daily updates :)

Have a great Sunday!