Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Yuka, Osaka

"Fashion is more than a statement in Japan, it is a conscious decision. In Japan, everyone is aware of fashion. It's a pretty central part of their lives. They know what it communicates to people around them." - Paul Hellier

It was so cool to spend a couple of days in Osaka, just wandering around exploring a new and different city, and seeing whether the style and people were any different to in Tokyo. One thing that really stood out was that over the weekend, we didn't see anyone else who appeared to be out taking street style photos, yet the people were still so open to having their photo taken and the general style on the streets was just as good as what you'd find in Tokyo. Just people dressing for themselves, and not for anyone else or the camera. I'm jealous that the Japanese can pull off such great style without even thinking about it!