Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Week On Instagram @StyleSophomore...

Back in Seoul for another month and really looking forward to Seoul Fashion Week in a couple of weeks! After that, it's back to Taipei for 1 month and then back to Tokyo for December. Another busy few months ahead! Some photos from the week just gone...

1) Leaving Tokyo Haneda Airport, 2) Ariel shot as we flew out of Tokyo, 3) Hump ahead in Nakseongdae Seoul, 4) Nakseongdae station entrance about 200m from where we stay.

1) Waiting for the train (wearing all GAP!), 2) Hot chocolate and hot mint chocolate at Hollys Coffee in Garosugil, 3) Songpyeon which we were given as a gift for Chuseok, 4) Beyond tired and loving the pink walls of our apartment room.

At the traditional Korean markets in Nakseongdae - 1) Big buckets of hot chili stuff, 2) Fresh octopus, 3) Lots of traditional Korean rice cakes, mocha, songpyeon and other treats, 4) Lady with fresh songpyeon.

1) Posting Seoul street style photos on StyleSophomore, 2) Feet, legs, shoes, in Garosugil, 3) Us at a cafe in Samseong, 4) Dinner on Friday night at a Korean dumpling place with Pia and James (Radish, Dumplings, Beef Rib Soup, Bibim Naengmyeon)... So delicious!

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