Sunday, 4 November 2012

The Week On Instagram @StyleSophomore...

Touched down in Taipei on Wednesday night and I'm so happy to be back! I really didn't know what it'd be like having just spent the last 6 and a half months living in Tokyo and Seoul, but straight away I'm reminded of how friendly, welcoming, helpful and smiley the people are here in Taipei and that's enough for me to remember why I love this place so much. For me, it's totally the people that define a city or country (followed closely by food of course!) and Taipei is definitely right up there on both occasions.

This year I think is going to be one big blur when it's finally over. It has been the longest year ever for us and it feels like a lifetime ago that we were living in Singapore. Since then, it's been 3 months in Taipei, 2.5 months in Seoul, 3 months in Tokyo, 1 month in Seoul and short trips to Hong Kong and Osaka amongst it all. Now its 1 month in Taipei and to round things up for the year, Tokyo in December before we do it all again next year with some different cities thrown into the mix!

Life on the road, I don't think I could do it any other way (though I wouldn't mind a portable wardrobe to carry around with me!) Some Instagram photos from the week just gone...

1) Tee shirt and scarf weather at the moment, 2) The view from our balcony on the 12th floor, 3) Our living area and I'm totally loving the abundance of natural light 4) Colourful New Taiwan Dollars.

1) Scooters as far as you can see, 2) Down the back streets, 3) A typical street scene with Taipei101 in the distance 4) Sunset view from our apartment.

1) First home cooked dinner in the new place, 2) A really cute pug in the supermarket!, 3) My spontaneous piercing that I got done in ShiDa, 4) Bubble tea! - what I've been hanging out for these last 6 months (because I couldn't bring myself to pay for overpriced bubble tea in Tokyo and Seoul which never tastes half as good anyway!).

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