Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Week On Instagram @StyleSophomore...

Some Instagram shots from the week just gone... And there's a lot of food in this one but then again I wouldn't be in Taipei if I wasn't eating every other second of the day! It's just what I like to do. 

1) Six magazines by Comme des Garcons on sale at roomsLINK Taipei, 2) Reliving my teenage days and making friendship bracelets until my hands get sore (I now have a use for all my spare buttons that I hold on to), 3) Taipei has some of the nicest bakeries in Asia. I found this one called Mymore across the road from Huashan Creative Park and they had samples for all the breads. And they all tasted amazing!, 4) The bottom half of my outfit and Taipei's distict pink road markings. 

1) Hazelnut latte seems to be my go-to coffee at the moment!, 2) Crispy waffles with banana, chocolate and vanilla ice cream, 3) Interesting waffles with sticky rice, red bean custard and green tea ice cream, 4) At Kooka Coffee cafe.

I got my photo taken on the opening day of roomsLINK Taipei. Thanks Gallerina Off Duty for the photo!

1) Dinner at a traditional Taiwanese beef noodle place, 2) Side dishes, beef noodle soup and beef noodles with sauces, 3) At Ice Monster! - Cute business cards, Litta and her sad defeated face, Mung bean & grass jelly avalanche and cute napkins, 4) My "Bubble Milk Tea Sensation" which was just like a deconstructed frozen bubble milk tea. I found out about Ice Monster before I got here and I'm so glad I finally went there. Definitely going back for more! 

I have truly eaten well this week and I sense that there is more good food still to come! For instant updates on the things I get up to in between street style shooting, follow me on Instagram @stylesophomore. Or you can click here to bring up my Instagram on your computer :)

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Have a great week ahead :)