Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Week On Instagram @StyleSophomore...

Just a handful of pics from my Instagram this last week. We moved from Taipei to Tokyo and I've finally got the cold weather I've been longing for! Winter is here and I just had to go out tonight and buy myself lots of Heat-tech gear from Uniqlo!

1) Winter leaves in Omotesando, Tokyo, 2) James photographing in Aoyama, 3) Me being me at a dinner place in Shibuya. I'm loving being able to wear knitted hats again!, 4) So many choices for dinner!

Some shots at home while James was playing around with lights and stuff!

I finally tried Din Tai Fung in Taipei! Went to the Zhongxiao Dunhua branch with Litta and as usual ordered way too much but still finished off every last bit of it! I highly recommend it to those who haven't tried it yet, it's just as good as people say it is!

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