Monday, 15 April 2013

Style Sophomore On Instagram... Seoul

A look back at some of my favorite instagram photos from our last 2 and a bit weeks in Seoul. Have a happy Monday everyone!

Green tea & red bean affogato - the best combination ever!

My first Korean novel that I'm giving myself 5 months to get through.

Fresh fruit and granola cereal from the buffet breakfast at Conrad Hotel during Seoul Fashion Week.

The La Mode Outre x Tomboy trench coat collaboration is exhibited in many of their 39 stores throughout Korea. So weird but cool to see myself and our friends from Taipei in shops in Korea!

 Up in the business lounge during Seoul Fashion Week enjoying a grapefruit mojito at the end of the day.

During fashion week doing a quick edit of photos on the shuttle bus ride between the IFC and Blue Square venues.

The view of the Han River from the 54th floor of IFC at Seoul Fashion Week.

This fashion week, we decided to take up front row seats instead of having to fight for a space in the photographer's pit.

James photographing outside Seoul Fashion Week shows.

These awesome Anine Bing pieces were waiting for me when I arrived in Seoul. Check out one of my new favourite brands at :)

 I love cooking, especially in Korea - this is fried pork belly with rice, perilla leaves and a whole lot of Sunchang Ssamjung sauce.

 Went on a sticker sticking mission since I got a box of 500 of them printed while we were in Taipei. I still have so many to stick in Tokyo!

I decided that for the Cres. E Dim. shoot in the park, I wanted deep red lips so I went out and bought this beautiful "diva" shade lipstick from MAC. First time EVER wearing lipstick like this (or actually any lipstick at all!).

We are pretty familiar with the Seoul subway now and don't we fit right in with the locals? haha.

Korean BBQ! Love this stuff so much!

 On the road again! All our worldly possession combined into about 70kg!

Tired eyes on our way to Tokyo... But after about 12 hours traveling (for only a 2.5hr flight!) we are finally settle into our place in Tokyo! Going to spend the spring here and will share lots more photos so watch this space :)